Commercial Business Mediation

The overwhelming majority of commercial disputes are resolved without a final Court hearing. The reasons for this are varied and can range from disproportionally large legal costs to parties considering litigation to be diversionary in nature.

The advantages of settlement can benefit all parties to a dispute; the difficulty is in achieving it. The presence of an independent, experienced and impartial party with no axe to grind other than to facilitate parties in reaching a resolution to their differences is often seen as highly advantageous. Mediation can allow parties to be inventive as to the terms upon which they can resolve disputes which has commercial as well as cost saving advantages. It often involves parties to consider their commercial interests rather than simply what their legal position is.

Our firm has two accredited civil and commercial mediators (Stuart Brothers and Rebecca Beynon). They attained their mediation accreditations having participated in numerous mediations for both claimants and defendants.


  • Half day mediation (per party) £600
  • Full day mediation (per party) £1,000

The above excludes VAT and any meeting room costs.

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